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When I am in top creative form, I am usually not involved…

Allow me to explain…

My best ideas, and my most effective creative leadership almost invariably come from outside me. Sometimes I call it “the channel”. Call it what you will – divine providence, the Universe, the metaphysical creative reservoir, (insert the name of your favorite deity here)… One thing is abundantly clear, it’s not ME.

When I can remove my ego, my self will from the process, amazing things start to happen. It requires me to be quiet. To listen deeply. And to create a container for ‘it’ to happen.

I have rituals and actions I take to create that container. As I mentioned, I foster quiet. That means intentionally stripping out the noise, to allow the signal to be identified. I do this with meditation. I do this with set focused daily time to do morning pages (we’ll eventually talk about this one at length – but in the mean time check THIS out), I allot time for contact and business, and then I enter my space for deep work. Distractions ? OFF. No social media. No checking my email. No texting. All I allow in is art, and song, and human expression. And I listen.

In that quiet focused place, ideas happen. And inevitably, EVERY TIME, there are good ones. The gifts are received. And now it’s my job to pass them on with as little of myself pasted on them as possible.

Creative Leadership is the same… Exactly as I must create quiet and focus to allow the channel to open and creativity to flow, so to in my role as a creative leader I have to create a container for my collaborators to flourish. Again I wield quiet, and deep listening. I use empathy to understand my team members, and to allow space for them to express fully, to bring their best self to the process. Again, my best practice is to then allow that contribution to happen with as little of myself pasted on.

The result ? People refer to the work as visionary. To my process as “generous”. To the results as “unprecedented”. Me ? I’m just gonna shut my mouth