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You create. You manage. You coordinate. You interact. You love. You live among billions of other humans, all doing the same. Here’s the one key concept to creativity, leadership, and living.

It’s called Sonder.

Check this out:

Understanding this concept, that EVERYONE has a highly personal, entirely human, and not necessarily rational experience of life is the key to applying empathy to align with other humans.

And alignment is how we connect. It’s how we sell. It’s how we collaborate. It’s how we find partners. Allies. Friends.

I love what Seth Godin has to say about it as well:

Seeking Sonder

When we realize that everybody has a lens that they look at life through, and that THAT lens is different than ours, it empowers us to reframe how we think, how we communicate, and how we approach people to enroll them in our plans and actions.

If you are leading a team, sonder is a tool for finding the framework that everybody can relate to and get behind.

If you are creating a brand activation, sonder is a tool for determining the marketing experience that will inspire people to say “I feel like that too”, or “I would like to do that”.

If you are teaching or coaching, sonder is how you can meet your students where they are, and show them the way toward critical questions in a way they understand and relate to.

How can you use Sonder today to create deeper and more effective connections ?