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I am frequently asked what the key differentiator is in creating exceptional experiences. It all comes down to narrative. Here are 4 powerful story structures that will power up your experiential design…

Loss and Redemption – Everybody loves a comeback story. Whether it’s a brand identity, a re-introduction of a legacy product, or the rise of a fallen piece of intellectual property. Society loves an underdog. And we will quickly enroll in a compelling rebirth narrative.

Before and After – The heroes struggle from humble beginnings, or restrictive circumstances to new achievement or learning is a solid go to for narrative. Being able to use the “lessons learned” and to show how now we have new power is a compelling tale to tell.

Amazing Discovery – Stories of big breakthroughs, of secrets revealed, of new knowledge awaken the curious mind within all of us. Amazing discoveries are powerful motivators that inspire change or transformation. They are a powerful bedrock context for a compelling experience.

Secret Telling – Everybody loves to be in on a secret. We feel empowered by our exposure to treasured and mysterious knowledge. Being in on the secret is cool. And people are motivated to make it past this ‘velvet rope’ and to be hanging with the cool, ‘in-the-know’ crowd.

Of course there are other powerful story lines to explore. But these narrative “trail heads” will provide a compelling compass heading for a strong narrative. The kind of narrative that will create tasty ingredients for experience, for branding, for marketing, or for creating deep connections with other humans.