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Here are three super hot current design trends that I am seeing in the best work of the moment.

Dark Design

Dramatic form on inky blackness. It’s no coincidence that one of Apple’s most popular recent announcements, were dark theme options for MacOS and iOS. Some of the most beautiful identity campaigns are relying on this lush darkness to create visibility through contrast.

Animated Identity

The popularity of GIF files and cinemagraphs have thoroughly leaked into the consciousness of brand identity, making it necessary to think through design of brand logos from a compelling end result on to an ability to move. If you are currently leading a new identity design process, thinking about your animated identity is paramount.

Geometric and Saturate Color Fields

Bold use of geometry and repeating patterns is intersecting with the use of vivid color fields to create eye popping yet elegant design. This specific combination of parametric geometry and super saturate pervasive color evokes earlier trends yet has a very fresh new appeal.