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Isn’t it fascinating that creatives talk about being ‘blocked’ ? Get over it. There is no such thing as writer’s block.

I love Seth Godin’s take on this. Seth said, “Have you ever heard of plumber’s block ?”

Well no. Plumbers are professional service providers. They are ready to fix the pipes that need fixing, whenever they are called. The key word here is professional. A professional show’s up for work, and they DO the work.

Steven Pressfield, authored a stunning book called The War of Art that discusses resistance. Resistance is composed mostly of road blocks that we create for ourselves. Self doubt. Procrastination. Perfectionism.

Pressfield get’s to real substance in the book that follows, Turning Pro where he describes creating the habits and patterns that enable pushing past resistance to DONE.

Here’s a critical secret to being a high performing creative professional: Amateurs have amateur habits. They find excuses. They like caveats. And pros have pro habits. They show up with consistency. And they work despite circumstances or emotions. Turning pro is free, but it’s not easy. It means we show up. We do the work. And we keep doing it until we get results. This seems idiotically simple, right ?

And yet so hard.

The fictional literary agent Marty Fabrikant from The Knowledge says it succinctly – “I’ve seen a million writers with talent. It means nothing. You need guts, you need stick-to-it-iveness. It’s work, you gotta work, do the freakin’ work. That’s why you’re gonna make it, son. You work. No one can take that away from you.”

Turn pro. Get going. DO THE WORK.