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I have often heard and read about the benefits of mindfulness. Beginning the day with meditation, or gratitude. Taking time throughout the day to seek further quiet or contemplation – get a reset…

I’m not very good at this.

I DO benefit from it, when I can make it happen. My problem is intention. I intend to cultivate mindfulness, but my intentions are subject to the maelstrom of my daily developments. Emails lead to phone calls result in verbiage developing into proposals requiring feedback for inevitable revisions leading to… Yeah. Does this sound familiar ?

I was talking to a good friend Steve Cohen one day – A master of mindfulness (as well as art, design, and being a great human) – I was complaining about my intentions and their collisions with reality. His response ?

“Aren’t you supposed to be good with technology ? You do know that you have a calendar app that you can set to remind you of all kinds of things ?”


After that conversation, I leapt. I setup my calendar to remind me to be grateful at 7am, to shut everything off at 9am, to take a moment for quiet at 1pm, and to reflect on something that gives me joy at 4.

There are others. And here’s the thing… It works ! I find that when my well being has an actual appointment for my attention, I PAY attention, and take the time.

The benefit is remarkable.

Recently I shifted from one device ecosystem to another. It happens depending on the nature of the team I am working with. And for a while my life seemed to be chaotic, even a bit out of control.

And I realized I hadn’t migrated my calendar reminders. It took me a fews days to figure it out. And when I did… BOOM. 💥 After I restored the reminders, I found that everything became manageable again.

So… It may seem obvious. Maybe even inane. But take the time to GIVE yourself time. It’s an incredibly valuable gift.

Remind for mindfulness.