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There is consensus. Successful brick and mortar retail is changing the game – pushing beyond relevant and toward resurgence.

Let’s look at three ways that immersive experience is driving that.

Changing It Up

Some of the most successful retail spaces are deploying the ability to readily change themes and products to generate constant excitement. Like an art gallery with continuously shifting exhibitions, or a theater with a changing repertory, this retail approach is using constant change to ensure constant interest and engagement. And the big brands are following suite. Macy’s just acquired the Story retail brand to install it in 36 of their flagship properties. Story is an amazing example of this trend.

Build Your Own

Look no further than Nike’s phenomenally successful Nike By You pop ups to see how a retail environment that enables consumer participation can defy any expectation. With Make Your Mark pop ups, Nike extended a digital presence into real world retail. This enabled a brand event around an already exciting idea – making the consumer the author of their own Nike adventure and outcome. This kind of participatory engagement is also well served in experiential marketing installations. But you have to be spot on. The crowd knows when you have veered from your brand soul…

Personalized Experience

Using opt in data from apps, spatial sensing, and in store interactivity, retail can offer a compelling personal retail experience. With intelligent media delivery triggered by these background capabilities, retail can change theme ‘locally’ shifting digital decor, signage, and POP to appeal to the needs and interests of the consumer nearby. With a next level connection to social media as well, suddenly the store is also the setting for customer sharing, community building, and lifestyle. This is a ‘smart store’, built to appeal specifically, create attraction personally, and become a part of the customer story in ways that they can leverage in their social media stories.

What Else ?

This is all just scratching the surface. We know experience can drive merchandising (think of the primary revenue streams for concerts, entertainment, and festivals). Now we see retail applying all of the formulas of spectacle and themed experience to empower their own merchandising missions…