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Most of you know that I have a passion for finding interesting questions.

Right now, a line of questioning I am traveling down is about the operating system for reality.

What the hell am I talking about ?

For those who don’t partake in the world of electronic games it’s interesting to know that underneath the surface of all games is the engine. The engine ‘serves’ the world of the game, drawing the environment, creating stimuli, reacting to your movement and input, making physics work. Gaming engines are the essential plumbing, the source of power, and most importantly the INTELLIGENCE behind how a game environment and it’s characters react.

Have a look at this…

Excited ? Horrified ? Maybe both. This IS coming. As Augmented Reality becomes less and less intrusively presented, as the devices we wear that show us this layer of reality become lower profile, it will become ubiquitous.

And this looks kind of like a game right ? And yet it is embedded in a very real world.

Consider the recent Winter Olympics in Seoul. A significant amount of the broadcast, showing scenery, commentator sets, architecture was virtual. And served up by the Unreal Gaming Engine.

What is the takeaway here ?

If you are an architect or maybe an experiential or entertainment based creative, you need to know that Gaming Engines are becoming the operating system for experience. Whether it’s a broadcast set or a high visibility brand atrium, game engines are getting set to drive the input of engagement and the output of experience.

If you are a student who is learning the art and science of creating games, you probably need to adjust your view of what the job market is about to be. Visual effects is leaping out of the film and gaming nest, and is becoming the visual engine of… Everything.