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So we talked about resistance this week.

One of my ‘favorite’ forms of resistance is Perfection.

If only this had a different image it would be perfect.

If only the layout were different this would be perfect.

If only I could get an attributed quote from this person, it would be perfect.

If only the logo had one more redo, this would be perfect.

Here’s the problem – while waiting for perfect to show up, we surrender the opportunity to deliver GREAT, right now, on time, as expected.

And let me be clear… I am not talking about being lazy, or compromising quality, or giving up on pushing limits and creating change. If you’ve done the hard work (you’ll know it when you see it), if you’ve done the emotional labor (you’ll know it when you feel it), if you have listened for the interesting questions, whatever you deliver is already spot on… I am talking about the thicket of expectations that can imprison a great idea, and how to stage a jail break…

So here’s the challenge: What are you willing to give up ? What are you willing to release to ship RIGHT NOW ?

How great an ending to this week would it be to get a significant piece of creative work out the door ?

So figure out what you are stuck on, let it go, and get it done.