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How much do you want it ? How willing are you to step up and do what’s next ? Do you want to achieve your goals, create change, do work worth doing ? Here’s the secret: It’s up to you.

Seth Godin talks about how REMARKABLE people relentlessly find interesting questions and answer them. The best answers are Purple Cows.

Purple Cows don’t often just show up. We need to find them, and nurture them. They require work. It’s up to you.

Chris Do has often discussed the idea of focusing on what’s important and interesting, over what’s not. Relentlessly, proactively looking for what is most important, and DOING THAT.

Want to become more valuable ? Build your expertise by seeking the critical questions, and answering them. It’s up to you.

Pete Shepard, a phenomenal coach and consultant has often said to me that WE are OUR biggest obstacle. Given an opportunity I will stand in my own way. I will let fear rule. I will freeze. A critical skill is to push past ourselves and get it done.


Only you can move you.

What are you going to do today, right now, to take the next step on something meaningful, something interesting ?

Where will you find your purple cow ?

How will you add to your value ?

It’s up to you.