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I have witnessed many a process that ground to a full stop waiting for the good idea. Paralysis sets in as when the good idea isn’t immediately apparent. I have pretty good luck finding good ideas. And here’s my secret: I work hard to generate more bad ideas.

I don’t aim for bad… But neither do I fear them.

I have come to understand that the good exists among the ok, the indifferent, and the bad. There isn’t an unsullied land of good ideas. There are only ideas. And I have to be willing to pick through the bad and the ugly to find the good.

And here’s the bonus – Sometimes something appears in the guise of a bad idea. But as I sit with it, watching it exist alongside the rest, I realize it has good bones. That it is worth improving, buffing, polishing.

MOST good ideas actually start this way. So the quicker I generate more bad ideas, the faster I can find the one’s worth building on.

Or the diamond in the rough.

Here’s an exercise if you NEED to find a good idea today: Set aside one hour, and write down 100 ideas. Don’t censor yourself. Don’t feel reserve. Build a muscle for unfiltered creativity.

It’s likely the first 70 will be silly, or stupid, or insensible. But inevitably, good one’s will start to pop. Ideas worth improving. And almost certainly, there will be at least ONE magical idea, fully formed, waiting for you to make real.