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Brené Brown says this: “If I fail and I’ve brought 100%, I can live with that. But if I half assed it, I can’t live with that.” My take on that is, Fail HOT.

Go all in.

Bring passion. Bring organization. Bring a crazy granular plan.

Be 100% ready to rip it up, and know what you’ll try instead.

Above all else, believe in your people, and in creating a process that best enables them.

Sometimes, despite all of this, things will go sideways.

It will. I’ve been there. It’s gone wrong.

The times I haven’t brought it ALL, then I have had reason to look within. There are things we have control over. There are things we don’t. Knowing the difference is a critical life skill.

Failing HOT means you have courageously and persistently done your best with the things you had control over, that you acknowledged and KNEW what you didn’t control, and that in knowing the difference you put all your value where it had the most effect.

When I have brought it all, when I have failed HOT, then really I haven’t failed at all. I’ve discovered.

And in both cases, if I am smart, I take the lessons forward.