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“I’m not good enough”

“Everybody will think this idea is stupid”

“My contribution wont have value”


This is the imposter.

The imposter is hardwired into you. It lives, rent free in your brain.

Here’s a secret:

Everybody has one. Everybody.

Every person hears this voice and faces this doubt.

Here’s another secret:

Ignore it. It’s a distortion. It’s not real.

It tells you lies.

Anybody can have a GREAT idea.

Anybody can make a unique contribution.

Anybody can bring enormous value at unexpected moments.

I have learned to suppress the imposter by letting go of outcomes.

I am in the business of actions. The universe seems to be in charge of results. There are so many things beyond my control.

So I do the very best with what I have to do. With intention, and focus.

I begin processes by giving myself an “A” and then working to earn it in each individual action.

And I don’t worry about outcomes. If I am giving my best, and creating space for others to do the same, then interesting things are going to happen.

The imposter only knows how to talk about outcomes. And it bets against you every time.

Double down on yourself. It’s a safe bet.