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I get to do a lot of pitching.

It doesn’t involve throwing balls.

What I do is try to transmit an idea. I try to enroll. I try to spark a moment in people’s minds where they can see an amazing outcome, feel it, taste it.

I tell a compelling story, and I try every time to answer the questions I have listened carefully for. Over time I have come up with an essential punch list to evaluate if we have the pitch right.

I have to extend credit to Chris Do and and Ben Burns at Blind Studios who shared some of this with me, helping me to de-clutter the thinking…

In one sentence, what is the concept.

How does the concept meet the goals of the client ?

What experience or story are you telling the target audience ?

Why will they be inspired/interested/curious ?

What does this concept bring to the table that makes it unique ?

Why are you the best partner to fulfill this ask ?

What evidence or measurement will mean SUCCESS ?

Does the pitch address what the client has ASKED FOR ?

There are some big keys here. Did I LISTEN to the client ? Am I answering THEIR questions and priorities ? Have we agreed on what success will look like ? Do I have compelling differentiation between my idea and my company and my competition ?

Remember, a great deliverable first has to have a clear objective. And a clear objective HAS to be the result of solid strategy.

Now go win business and make beautiful things.