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Here’s the deal. Change is massive power masquerading as a moment. And if we embrace it, we empower ourselves and our process.

This embrace is not easy.

We think we are in a quandary. We have encountered a challenge. An obstacle. Insecurity sets in – The lizard brain likes the familiar, and the safe. Change is categorically bad in this light. Instead we must use our rational powers to dance with this fear, and convert it to action.

Another thing is, change works in a compounding way.

It is a fulcrum for shifting direction. As time tracks outward, this difference in direction grows, and the result expands. Small changes and moments, stacked one on another, will inevitably lead to expanding results and possibilities/

When we embrace and engage in change intentionally, we build a skill for looking forward, and moving constantly with awareness. This can be applied to writing, to designing, to management, or to living.

These skills are some of what differentiates outliers and leaders from everybody else.

Today, when you face change, look it in the eye. say, “I know you. Shall we dance ?”. And then build new directions together.