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Sell is a word that leads with COST.

Sell implies that you are about to give it up, and by the way it’ll be just as much as I can squeeze you to give.

I’m not fond of the word cost.  Or the concept
“Sell”…  Say it.  What comes to mind ?  Does it feel a little… Dirty ?

I love the power of reframing.

As a student and then Coach of Seth Godin’s altMBA, I learned the power of understanding that my view was likely not aligned with yours. 

We all see the world differently.

I also learned that shifting you TO me, is much harder than me using empathy to reshape my POV to fit through your lens.

Suddenly my story features your heroes.

You are enrolled.  You are excited.  You are ready to go for more.
I just gave you the value of an experience, along with my actual work product.

I like that word.  Value.  Value goes beyond transaction and creates feeling.  Feeling makes connection.

The end of that virtuous circuit, what just happened.  We didn’t sell.  We didn’t incur a cost. 

We shared.  We created a solution, and we created value.

What happens when you reframe to sharing, from selling ?