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Today I am going to chaperone my 15 year old son’s trip to the Seattle Art Museum.

Some might say that’s a crazy way to spend the day… Riding herd on a bunch of wily high school kids.

But I am excited – Besides spending a day with my son, I also get to stock my creative direction “shelves”

Julia Cameron wrote a great book, The Artists Way, to help people build a sustainable creative habit.

One technique that she describes is the “Artist Date”. Making time to take yourself out, and witness something that will fuel the flame of your muse.

Visit a museum.

Attend a poetry slam.

Get to a class on basket weaving (no, for real… Have you ever seriously looked at Japanese baskets from the last 300 years ?!?)

The point is to disconnect from the needs of everyday life, and see or participate in something that brings you adjacent to beauty or inspiration.

Seattle Art Museum will do that for me today.

BUT… I get to double dip. Because I also get to spend a day watching a demographic up close and personal. One I am constantly asked to appeal to in my design work for music in particular.

For me, an Artist Date can also be about studying culture, looking at people, trying to detect the stories they are creating about themselves.

Then I can reflect them.

I challenge you to take an artist date today. Find something to feed your mind. If you are in the business of creative direction, it will fuel the tank for professional output, and put a grin on your face.