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How can you hook an audience in a speech ? How can you win over a pitch meeting FAST ? How can you create agreement on your team around a project approach ? Create powerful connections by leading with a story.

My wife (and boss… She’s the CEO) has a great introduction when speaking. She relates the story of being 20 years old, and through chutzpah and sheer nerve achieving a job touring with Bruce Springsteen.

She hooks audiences IMMEDIATELY with this. A young woman, with an incredibly improbable goal, puts it all on the line and wins big.

People identify with this. “I want to do that” – “That’s amazing, how could I do that” – “Wow, what an incredible lesson I could use”…

Identification is a power tool in communication. The moment you can align somebody with your experience, make them feel that they know you, or have shared a similar episode, then you have enlisted them. You have created identification.

They are going to want to know more. They are going to perhaps want to model that experience in their own lives.

Identification happens through storytelling. It’s why myths exist. It’s why brands are powerful. It’s why you can’t get into Star Wars Galaxies Edge at Disney. We are attracted to stories that show how we can live, learn, and thrive. How we can be brave. How we can achieve the big win.

Lead with a story. You will create powerful connections, through identification. Then the door is open to deliver your message, your point, or your pitch.