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Bob Bonniol is an award winning Creative Director, Designer, and Producer.  His greatest satisfaction comes from teaching others to lead, answer interesting questions, and change the world through CREATIVE ACTION.

What I do

Things you can measure are easy.  Emotional labor ? Not easy.  Identifying and accomplishing the “hard part” ? Not easy.  I share with people the power of creative action coupled with super powers that can change the way you think and work.  I work with brands, individuals, and organizations to find big ideas – and bring them to life.


We all know the feeling… “I want to ship this project, but I think it needs more work”, or “If I just had a better tool to set up this project, it will go more smoothly”.  Or the big one… “What if they don’t like it ?” – This is resistance.  It is born of fear.  Learn to dance with your fear.


Sometimes it feels like there are too many limitations on our projects and actions.  What if I told you constraints are a fulcrum to create amazing results ?  Learn to embrace constraints and transform them into opportunity.


There is a secret I will share with you right here: If you give, without any attachment to a ‘return’ – you will achieve 10X results.  All the time.

World View

A change in world view, can change the world viewed.  Learn the keys to understanding your clients, your coworkers, and the humans all around you – and empowering action with that understanding.

Decision Making

Leadership and creativity are both about answering the right questions.  Learn how to listen carefully to hear the questions that really need answering among all the noise.


We live in a time where our tools have become incredibly powerful – And now we see that design and communication can be weaponized.  It’s up to us to use our powers for good – and create real change for the better.

Bob gave me a clear 3 step plan with great examples for each step that I can use to better prepare for my next presentation. He also made me feel excited and confident about the possibility of sharing my personal experiences, and how they relate to branding through public speaking.

Angela Merzib

Founder/CEO – BeBold Branding

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

This is all that matters.  For centuries our educational models, and culture have trained us to follow.  Now it is time to lead.  Creative Action is rooted in generating new ideas, and finding the big problems that need solving.  It is the heart of my work, as a practitioner, as a leader, and as a teacher.

creative leadership and leading creatively

I’ve led some of the biggest productions on earth to results that funnel joy to millions – and put millions in the bank.  I can share with you the skills, expose the pitfalls, and reveal the tools to bring radical success to your methods, and your projects – large or small.

Let’s take creative action !
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