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SIGNALS – Bob Bonniol’s Blog

Sometimes, when people ask me what I do, I will say “I am an infinite student”.  I am passionate about learning, experiencing, growing.  In the way that such things are best served in a circular fashion, I am also compelled to share.  Signals is where I write, post videos, share links, and generally grow a garden of knowledge.

The Fearless Leader

So what are the essential transformations asked of a great leader ? Change fear into faith. Change egoism to humility. Shift anxiety and worry into serenity. Move from complacency into action, denial into acceptance, and jealousy into trust. Select reality over...

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It’s Up To You

How much do you want it ? How willing are you to step up and do what's next ? Do you want to achieve your goals, create change, do work worth doing ? Here's the secret: It's up to you. Seth Godin talks about how REMARKABLE people relentlessly find interesting...

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Fail HOT

Brené Brown says this: "If I fail and I've brought 100%, I can live with that. But if I half assed it, I can't live with that." My take on that is, Fail HOT. Go all in. Bring passion. Bring organization. Bring a crazy granular plan. Be 100% ready to rip it up, and...

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