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SIGNALS – Bob Bonniol’s Blog

Sometimes, when people ask me what I do, I will say “I am an infinite student”.  I am passionate about learning, experiencing, growing.  In the way that such things are best served in a circular fashion, I am also compelled to share.  Signals is where I write, post videos, share links, and generally grow a garden of knowledge.

Let’s start at A

OK, what would happen if you started with an "A" ? What if in any process or project, you could release expectations and fear related to "how it will turn out", and just START by giving yourself an "A" right then and there at the beginning ? And then, free of these...

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Welcome, The Other

“When I can remove my ego, my self will from the process, amazing things start to happen. It requires me to be quiet. To listen deeply. And to create a container for ‘it’ to happen.”

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Resistance is NOT Futile

Oh no. Resistance is alive and well. I feel it creeping around the edges most everyday... "I'm tired" - "I'm not good enough" - "What if they don't like it" - "If only I had that software tool, THEN I could do this". I used to refer to it as my Greek Chorus. A gang of...

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If you can MEASURE it, you can MOVE it…

I had the good fortune recently, to listen to best selling author James Collins talk. Collins is an elusive figure, well known for his phenomenal books, Built to Last, and Good to Great (among others). He rarely appears in public, and for good reason - Collins is...

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