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SIGNALS – Bob Bonniol’s Blog

Sometimes, when people ask me what I do, I will say “I am an infinite student”.  I am passionate about learning, experiencing, growing.  In the way that such things are best served in a circular fashion, I am also compelled to share.  Signals is where I write, post videos, share links, and generally grow a garden of knowledge.

Decide On The Future

When you are weighing a choice or course of action, the most critical factors are future outcomes - There's little value in previous actions. They are done. Those investments are made. Those outcomes are written. We have to decide based on the future. Here's a...

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The New Smart

There used to be a measure for "smart"... What was the depth of your expertise ? Could you show the refinement and ability to deliver that came with Gladwell's mythical 10,000 hours? Your 20 years of experience made you ready to lead a team developing a new project....

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