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People like the usual kind.

It requires little work. They know it.

No new understanding is required. No education. No leap to something unknown.

The usual kind is easy. It’s comfortable.

Marketers REALLY love the usual kind. The tropes are well worn. The words and images needed to sell are known.

Closing is easy. If you are looking to move inventory fast, make and market the usual kind.

What needs to happens if you want to get beyond the usual kind ?


Going beyond requires developing empathy. You need to understand the needs and fears of who it is for. Their desires. Their dreams. Their reality.

THEY need to be able to see the new opportunity you offer. And identify with a new need… “Oh, THAT looks interesting… I’d like to try that”.

Developing that new need means appealing to the senses, to logic, and to zeitgeist. It can mean shifting culture. It can mean changing minds.

This is hard work.

It’s also where change happens.

First find the core. Who is willing to leap ? Who is willing to lead ?

In the beginning, this is who it’s for. Now the core helps you. They amplify the change.

Because here is the secret: People don’t change because you brought them something new. They change because their friends brought it. Their family brought it.

The bird at the front of the migrating flock doesn’t lead the whole flock. That bird only has to lead the two birds directly behind.

So find the first ones. Feed them. Inspire them. They will bring 10 more. And those 10 another 100.