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Thank you.

Yes, that… Thank You.

A generous critic will open the door, and turn on the lights for you.

A generous critic will show you the way to something you had never considered.

A generous critic will give you the raw materials to change your mind.

What a gift.

And notice that “generous” part.

It may be hard to think you are being treated generously in the midst of the criticism. It’s easy in those moments to hear our inner “imposter” voice. I am not good enough. “They” don’t like my work. Time to fold up the tent and go home.

Remember, this voice is a lie. It is resistance. It is the universe pushing against you, and in that moment it is time to be open, to receive, and then to push forward.

Even in the midst of the harshest criticism, I repeat the mantra in my mind, “this is a gift, this is a gift”. Now I am poised to move to a new outcome.

Hidden in plain sight, a new way forward, a key to understanding, a view that I missed.

If I can stay centered in receiving criticism as a gift, then I become open to possibility.

Then anything can happen.