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Bob Bonniol

“what’s the story ?”

I seek to define new methodologies and approaches for immersive storytelling. I’m fascinated by augmented and virtual reality, but find great value in immersive, environmental, ‘real’ reality. As a director, designer, and producer, I believe that any good story, any good design is answering a question. I’m always listening carefully for the question.

I’m grateful to have an active creative practice that spans the worlds of architecture, broadcast, experiential, opera, concert tours, cruise lines, and theme parks. I have been thrilled to work with partners at Walt Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Blue Man Group, America’s Got Talent, Feld Entertainment, GPJ, Jack Morton Worldwide, EWI, Live Nation, AEG, and so many more creating experiences enjoyed by millions around the world.

I care deeply about the world and the people around me… I believe in sharing, so I have over time developed a practice as a coach and consultant to redistribute the lessons I have learned.  In that capacity I have advised large brands, broadcast networks, more modest companies, and individuals.  I am thrilled to also serve as a Coach in Seth Godin’s altMBA.

I believe in doing the hard part first.  I think of myself as a person that can and does.  I love dancing with fear.  I believe that magic is real.

Bob is unlike anyone I’ve met in my career. His creative talent, technical expertise, portfolio of work, network, global knowledge of trends and cultures, passion, work ethic and infectious enthusiasm make for the most incredible combination in one person. .”

Tara Dziurman

Senior Account Executive / Gartner


I have a vibrant practice as a Creative Director, Writer, and Production Designer.  I love creating worlds for stories.


I have become an expert at keeping complex processes organized, transparent, and on budget.


I work with major brands, small companies, and individuals as an advisor, consultant, and coach.  I help to bring clarity, insight, and action.